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I specialize in hand painted needlepoint for all ages, including a line of hand painted needlepoint kits for beginners.  Many of my designs also include stitch guides that use easy to find threads.  Please email me for a list of shops in your area that stock my designs, or for further information about the designs.

My involvement in the needlework industry goes back over thirty years. I was frequenting a local needlepoint shop and was asked to help them with custom painting.  My business, MAP Designs, was born then, although I did not realize it at the time.  It seems my entry in the needlepoint industry was made in baby steps, one year at a time.

One year later I was devastated when the shop closed.  My sister, another friend and I, started a small business providing custom needlepoint canvases, stitching for the consumer and trade industry and finishing services. 

When another local shop owner put their business up for sale one year later in 1981, we purchased it.  My sister and I continued it after our friend moved out of state.  We made many wonderful friends, both in our customers and in our wholesale suppliers.  We held classes in needlepoint, knitting and crochet.

Wanting to get back to my artistic roots, in 1995, I established MAP Designs Studio as a wholesale supplier of needlepoint designs to the needlework trade. In 2003, when my sister and I closed our needlepoint store, I opened a small studio and continue to offer classes.

Marla Pelz, Designer



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